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Range of Motion Workouts for Golf

You can practice your swing every day, but if you fail to perform workouts for golf swing range of motion you can never achieve your full potential. A complete backswing is necessary for adequate delivery, and follow through is essential for accuracy. These simple workouts for golf each day will keep your range of motion adequate for that perfect swing.

Workouts for golf hip rotation begin by lying flat on your back on the floor with your knees bent as if you were going to do sit-ups. Spread your feet as far apart as you can. Tilt your knees in toward each other as far as you can comfortably. You will feel the stretch in your hips. Hold this position for a two-count and release. Complete eight repetitions of this exercise. The range of motion in your hips produces the power of your golf swing, so this exercise is very important.

Workouts to keep your upper spine strong and flexible prevent unintentional movements in the spine during your swing and protects your lower back from injury. A strong upper spine also generates power in your swing. To strengthen your upper spine, sit in a chair with your knees together. Sit straight and fold your hands behind your head. Push your elbows back and raise your chest. Twist to one side, moving only your upper spine, and bend slightly toward that side. Hold for a two count and return to the starting position. Repeat on the opposite side. Complete ten of these repetitions.

Workouts for golf to help you coordinate your hip motion with the motion of your opposite shoulder assist in your backswing. A good exercise for this begins in a half-kneeling position (as if you were going to do a lunge), left leg in front. Hold a two-foot cylinder (or a roller) between your palms. Keep your elbows straight. Begin with your right hand lowered in front of your right hip and your left hand straight out from your left shoulder. Squeeze your glutes and rock your hips forward. As you rock, use your right hand to drive your left into a diagonal rotation. When you feel the stretch in your right hip, you have gone far enough. Complete eight repetitions on this side, and swap sides for another eight repetitions.

Core strength exercises help your body to transfer motion through your golf swing. To strengthen your core, you need to work your front and sides. To work your front, lay flat on your stomach and push your body off of the floor with your elbows and toes. Hold your body straight, and keep your elbows directly under your shoulders. Hold for a two-count. Repeat eight times and work your way up to twenty repetitions. For your side exercises, lay on one side with your body straight. Raise up on your elbow and hold for a two-count. Repeat eight times and then perform this exercise on the opposite side. Work your way up to twenty repetitions per side.

Staying limber and flexible stabilizes your golf swing, but it also helps to prevent injury. A strong core prevents injury, improves your swing, boosts your power and keeps you fit to enjoy the game you love.

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