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How to Improve a Golf Swing

There are plenty of people trying to tell you how to improve a golf swing, but to truly understand how your swing can improve, you need some exercises that demonstrate the proper (or improper) way a swing should work. Just a few tips can be very helpful, but do not try to do them all at once. A golf swing is carefully built, and it takes some time for muscle memory to develop. Add a new exercise only after you have fully utilized the previous one. This gives your muscles a chance to learn their role in each individual element of the golf swing.

Determine if your wrist is breaking during your swing. Learning how to improve a golf swing begins by identifying the wrist action that occurs at impact. Wear a watch so that you can easily see your wrist action during your swing. Stand with a club and pretend that you are ready to make impact with the ball. Make a motion with your wrist as if you were going to cast a fishing rod. This is what wrist break looks like. Now that you know, you can better avoid it in the future.

Some golfers develop the tendency of allowing their left leg collapse into their right leg during the backswing. A good way to determine if you are doing this is to place a basketball between your knees and make an imaginary backswing. You will feel it if you are collapsing your leg. Knowing how it feels helps avoid the problem in future swings.

Your hands know how to improve your golf swing. The position of your thumbs during the swing is an important factor in how you hit the ball. Do a practice swing and take note of your hands. At the beginning of your swing, your palms should be neither up nor down but rather in the handshake position. When your hands are waist-high, your thumb should be straight up as if you are hitchhiking.

Take another practice swing. This time, pause at the top of your swing before beginning your decent towards the ball. A slight pause creates a better rhythm and ensures that your body is properly coiled and ready to unwind with full power. Learn to create this pause automatically at the top of your swing. You will see more power and accuracy develop as this becomes a habit.

As you swing back, pretend that there is a brace on your right knee. This helps you keep it straight, allowing your body to coil properly. Keep the weight on the inside of your right foot to create power and accuracy for your ball flight.

None of these exercises costs money or requires and expensive session with a golf pro. But all of them will show you how to improve a golf swing with simple mental tips to keep your body aligned and moving properly for the best possible ball contact and power. Master them all and see the difference in your club distance as well as your overall score.

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How To Improve a Golf Swing


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