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"The Secrets of Golf Fitness Revealed!
Exercises for Golfers That End Frustration,
Maximize Your Golf Potential, And Help You
Be That Guy In Your Foursome..."

"...Your Golf Swing Will Be Effortless & Powerful...
Golfing Buddies Will Be In Awe As You Crush Long &
Straight Drives That Exceed Theirs On Every Hole"

Dear Fellow Golfer,

Imagine the look on the faces of your golfing buddies when you consistently unleash the sweetest drives crushing the ball and cranking out one killer swing after another?...

If you've taken lessons, purchased the latest greatest equipment and your garage is filled with those crazy gimmick training aids...

If you've worked with the golf pros and used the newest clubs but you still can't get those drives in the fairway, or the ball close to the hole, this will be the most important piece of information you'll ever read.

Do Lessons Make You Frustrated?

I hear this all the time...

My golf buddies and clients tell me they spend hundreds of dollars on lessons, only to be more confused than ever... and they still can not hit the ball at all! So what then? Do you take more lessons? Do you hit more balls at the driving range?

I'll bet you've already done that too. Did that help you? Really, be honest. I'm a straight shooter, I plan my workouts and work my plan, I do what I say and I say what I do ... fessing up is the first step to ending the frustration and to quickly get on the right track.

What your instructors and pros don't tell you is that it's not that you don't know how to hit the ball, it's your BODY that's keeping you from Improving and really performing.

What Can Give You A HUGE Advantage That
Most Golfers Are Missing?

My name is Kevin Moses, CSCS and NSCA-CPT, Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist. Over the past 10 years, I've worked with athletes from all over the globe. In doing so, I've developed Golf Fitness Made Easy... A 100% guaranteed fitness video program that will reduce injury, add yards to your clubs & take strokes off your game.

This power golf fitness video program is based on secret golf workouts from many of the touring pros and elite players.

Every pro knows that even Tiger Woods has a daily fitness routine. Shouldn't you start one or optimize what you doing?

I guarantee you'll see results when you follow my program!

Can This Work For You?

I recently received an email and was simply amazed to hear Charles' results. His enthusiasm for getting in shape to play better golf is exactly what is going to help improve his game!

"...Oh My Goodness!"

"Hi Kevin,

I enjoy hearing from my customers so when I get something online that amazes me or use something that changes my life I will sometimes blast off an email to the company. Well, simply put you have one of those things that changed my life.

I have never really been a good golfer but wanted to feel better and have better stamina on the course. I used to get tired around the 15th hole.

I have to tell you that I have been performing many of your exercises since I downloaded Golf Fitness Made Easy.. I admit that when I first received it, I scored poorly on many of your 'Flexibility' tests.

Your easy to follow step by step instructions and photos for 'Spinal Rotation' really helped me a lot. From the ‘hip flexor' to the ‘glute stretch' to 'golf stability' to 'golf strengthening' to 'golf power' I have managed to perform at least one golf exercise, if not a routine, most days.

Even through a bad 3 to 4 months of suffering a bad shoulder and ultimate surgery (all fixed now!), your exercises and stretches really helped my recovery.

A friend of mine gave me your book (unbeknownst to him) the ultimate compliment last week....

... we hadn’t played golf together for over 2 years (but we speak often). I played my first ever round of golf with this guy about 9 years ago!

Throughout the round, and later over a snack and a cocktail in the clubhouse, he told me that he couldn’t believe how well I was hitting the ball these days. He said that he has never seen me play that consistently and that it was the best he has ever seen me play!

Over the weekend I had a chance to reflect upon how far I have come since this time last year and went out to hit some at the driving range and realized.. .. Oh My Goodness, I can play golf.

I can truly feel my improved flexibility in everyday life let alone on the course. There’s still a lot of room for improvement, but I’ll keep on working at it.

Thanks for your help!

It wouldn’t have happened without Golf Fitness Made Easy!

All the best,

Charles W.

Everyone has certain physical capabilities. If your pro tells you to make a 90 degree shoulder turn and you really can't do it... what does he tell you to do about that?

Most likely, he recommends you make some kind of "compensation" in your swing in order to make that shoulder turn. The result is definitely not what you are paying for (less power, miss-hits and a complicated swing).

The solution.

What you really need to do is a simple stretch or strength movement to solve that particular problem. YES, It's that easy!

That's the way a golf fitness approach should be. Simple & easy with quick results.

No more "compensation" swing adjustments that you can't consistently do. Use simple tips and techniques that you can apply immediately and see results!

"Greetings from Granbury!

Let me tell you... Golf Fitness Made Easy is the real deal! I have been involved in sports since before I was able to crawl (I'm coach of my sons little league for soccer, baseball, & basketball). I've been through all sorts of training camps, but the immediate results from this here ebook outweighs the hundreds of dollars I've spent for sessions (which were not nearly as helpful).

I am excited and thankful for what you have developed here for the amateur golfer. I enjoy the challenge of golf so my only fear once I master your program is that it might not be challenging any longer. I guess that could be a good thing. Once I've concurred the challenge, the frustration will be gone so the only thing left will be the fun, guess that's alright!"

Chris G. Granbury, TX

P. S. I shot 6 strokes lower than my average the last time I played.

The Secret To Longer Drives, Straighter Shots,
& Ultimately Lower Scores Is All About Getting
Your Body To Be Just A Little More Flexible

In fact... I'm so confident about Golf Fitness Made Easy ... that I would even go as far as saying that if you consistently did one of my simple golf stretches or golf exercises could increase your drives by up to 20 yards... almost overnight!

The whole idea about getting your body fit for golf... is that you don't have to swing harder to hit it farther. In fact, you'll find that you'll have to swing MUCH easier... and just see how your drives power right down the middle of the fairway. No more woods or sand for you.

Introducing "Kevin Moses - Golf Fitness Made Easy:" Get A Great Golf Workout In Just 12 Minutes! Guaranteed!

"Golf Fitness Made Easy" is your doorway to golf success member-only video program. It's jam packed from the Quick Start to the video series to the glossary and includes all my secret fitness tips, techniques and methods previously known by only a handful of my special athlete clients... This Member-Only website contains the only information you'll ever need to vastly improve your health, fitness level, & play your best golf.

"I Recommend Kevin's member-only Golf Fitness program Wholeheartedly!"

Kevin Moses has done two incredible things with this member-only program: he has...

...written with the knowledge and unquestionable expertise on how to get and to stay in shape (specifically for golfers);

...he has done it in an easy-to-read, easy to understand & easy to follow manner...

Golf Fitness Made Easy lives up to its name. It’s very well organized so you can start right from the beginning and take things at your own pace (even though everyone wants to skip ahead to the Module on Golf Power, you should start from the beginning).

It does not overwhelm you with the same old “tech talk” or “psychological factors”. There is no module on how to swing a club (obviously you’ve already taken lessons or know how to swing a club). This is a pure Golf Fitness Program. Get in shape for golf so you can play at your best and not be exhausted by the 15th hole.

I truly recommend Kevin’s program wholeheartedly! It is the work of a true fitness professional. All the more so given that the cost is minute in comparison to obtaining a personalized fitness routine, or compared to just a couple of visits to a gym or health club.

Dr. Brandon Goldstein

Head Neck & Spine Center

Here's A Tiny Sample Of Why
Golf Fitness Made Easy Is For You:

  • Why most golfers can never reach their full potential and how easy it really is to quickly transform your body so you can play at your best! (You will be shocked at how a very simple thing can change your game)...
  • Discover the secrets from professional trainers who walk you step by step through a routine to train your muscles (helping you to consistently hit the ball just right every time). I'll share a giant secret for conditioning your muscles leading to one sweet swing!
  • How to train your body for "Power Golf" (a natural power swing moves the club head fatter) resulting in a "killer" consistent swing ... (Imagine moving the club effortlessly and crushing your drives without trying... follow my program and it's possible).
  • How to make your body as flexible & strong and as a bungee... you'll be able to withstand long games, twisting your trunk with every swing without feeling soreness the next day... get ready for 5 day golf vacations in no time.
  • Simple exercise you can do at home, on the road or at the gym. These well guarded secret exercises are the "core" ingredient to transforming your body. Once perfected you will avoid slices and hooks (say goodbye to the roughs, sand traps and water hazards).

But there's even more...

  • My special exercises for your shoulders (without weights) give you maximum shoulder turn unleashing real power in every swing and drive. Module 4 tests your shoulder rotation (see if your shoulders test positive for tight external rotators and other areas that cause your swing to be off) which prevents the necessary flexibility.. you might as well add 10 shots to your game before you begin - but I will reveal an easy exercise that you can do in just 90 seconds a day!
  • Golf Stability Program in Module 12 will get you right to your Core. Simple and easy things you can do while waiting in line at the bank or store which doubles or triples your daily workout time without cutting into your busy life (you won't believe how easy and powerful these exercises are.. people will ask you what you are doing.. "I'm improving my golf game".
  • How to eliminate the number one and two injuries (back pain and elbow pain).. A simple, easy, & unique 1 minute warm-up before you tee up every time. Get your body and mind prepared to crush it effortlessly (this is a warm up that no-one ever does - most likely because very few people realize how critical it is for adding 10... 20 or even 30 yards to your drives)...
  • Module 8 - Spinal stretches... just when you need it (again, a key component of ANY pro golfer's game is a healthy back - something you probably won't learn from a gym instructor or personal trainer).
  • How to easily develop both Flexibility and Power without having to workout like a Body Builder & Yoga Guru combined! (no matter what your age). Golf Fitness Made Easy is NOT about getting buff or ripped... It's about improving what you already have and getting the benefits of increased power (increasing muscle mass or "getting bulky muscles" could actually hinder your swing)...

This doesn't even scratch the surface and your golf buddies will wonder what you are doing.. we don't mind if you tell them...

Why Should You Listen to Me?

There are tons of great golf fitness books and programs, and dozens of people claiming to be experts. However, very few "Fitness Experts" practice what they preach or have the credentials and track record to back up their claims.

I've been a Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist for almost two decades. I've trained athletes of all kinds and know what it takes to excel in sports.

While doing course work in psychology I realized my true dream of helping others would be better realized in the fitness industry. I decided to change my entire life path from Psychology to Exercise Science and soon realized I had made one of the best decisions of my life.

My NSCA Certification Commission credentials are readily available. The Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist® (CSCS®) is for professionals who design and implement strength training and conditioning programs for athletes.

The CSCS and NSCA-CPT credentials are the only fitness-related certifications that have been nationally accredited for more than 10 years through the esteemed National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA), based in Washington, D.C.

Helping others get and stay Fit is my life! Enough about me...

Additional Comments
From Golfers Just Like You...

Kevin, I subscribe to your newsletters, read your blog and watch your Youtube Videos. Thank you so much for all you do! They are a real help.

Just to share something with you.... I have been using Golf Fitness Made Easy and I can vouch for the extra distance that I am getting. I can now hit about 265 yards consistently (about a 35 yard increase over last year). Just thought that I would share this with you.

Keep up the good work!

Robert S. New York

"I cannot emphasize enough about how Golf Fitness Made Easy has improved my game. I've been a cyclist and runner for years but since I started your strength and flexibility program and moved on to Golf Power my drive has gone from 200 to 225 yards consistently"

Shana, (mother of 3), Wisconsin

"I would like to personally thank you for helping me improve my golf game. I first started subscribing to your blog and then subscribed to your YouTube Videos and ended up pulling the trigger on your Golf Fitness Made Easy ebook. After just a few weeks I can honestly say I can see the results ... within a week of using your stretching techniques I have already seen a significant increase in all my club distances... thanks again."

"My Brother-in-Law rarely tells anyone his secrets on the golf course but last month he told me about your ebook and how it helped his back pain. He is very impressed with the programs you are recommending. Congratulations!"

Golf Fitness Made Easy Can
Improve Anyone's Game... Quickly!

It doesn't matter if your handicap is 0 or 30 or how old you are or what your starting point is. You will be amazed at how fast you feel invigorated and shoot dramatically better...

All you need is the right program, that's you will actually follow, something simple, something easy and that you can incorporate into your every day life.

Stop looking for the latest greatest driver or training gadget, focus on what's going to get you the quickest results that last a lifetime.

The Best Part is: You won't need to hit anymore balls at the range, use that time to get fit so you will see immediate improvement in your swing. You heard that right. NO MORE POUNDING AWAY AT BALLS! Believe it or not it's your body that's keeping you from a game your golf buddies will envy!

What Else Is In Golf Fitness Made Easy?

Once you get this program in your hands, you'll discover everything you need to know, in an easy-to-understand, step-by-step manner. I created it like I am standing there talking to you in person, plus I've included over 100 photos and 30+ videos. You'll also get free access to my powerful golf training Video at no extra charge."

Golf Fitness Made Easy covers many different golf improvement techniques through fitness and conditioning. This book describes fitness and exercise unlike anything you've ever seen.

Clients have paid me as much as $2,500.00 to work with them privately, one-on-one. They pay these kinds of staggering fees happily... because my programs work. I've had clients take national titles and offered college scholarships. Some clients have me stretch them and work them out then go out and play golf immediately afterwards and have a great game.

ORDER TODAY And You'll Also Receive The Following
4 FREE Bonus Gifts Worth AT LEAST $147!

FREE Bonus Gift #1:

  • 50 Golf Tips To Help You On The Course Right Now! (PDF ebook - Value $19.95).

- Get tips that won't use up any extra time
- What you can do on and off the course that gives you massive benefits to your golf game (and fitness level!)

FREE Bonus Gift #2:

  • Free Golf Scorecard Software For Your Blackberry or Cell Phone (Download Link Provided, Value $19.95).

- Make it as easy as possible to keep score
- Easily compare your scores with previous games

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- Keep up on all the latest in golf technology and innovations
- Find out about golf trends and things you need to know

FREE Bonus Gift #4:

  • A One Year Subscriptions to my Exclusive, Private Fitness Video Membership (You will be sent a private link via email to my Video Membership, Value $99.97).

- More videos to master your fitness, and your golf game
- Exclusive footage not shared anywhere else

IN SUMMARY, what's included in Golf Fitness Made Easy...

  • A comprehensive, simple and easy to follow video fitness program especially designed to help improve your golf game.
  • Get instant access to the program, not some cheap Adobe PDF File! We'll provide everything you need to just launch our video course right from your desktop. Nothing else to download, no other programs to worry about.
  • You get my secret flexibility tests, exercises, and stretches to give you that edge over your golfing buddies ... you'll be the one collecting the dough! They'll be the ones wanting to know what the heck you've been doing!
  • Secret golf specific exercises used by the Pros to prepare your body for an effortless, powerful, stable golf swing. Do them in less than 12 minutes "in your home", at the office or on the road. Finally... something that you can do without the I don't have time excuse.
  • Step by step explanations videos and pictures for every exercise, tip and technique. You'll know exactly what to do right away!
  • The best stretches so you can take a BIG, FULL back swing... It's MUCH easier than you think.
  • 100% Risk-Free Guarantee should you find that your use of the program does not help you improve your body to play better golf, simply contact me for a full refund!

Once you order Golf Fitness Made Easy, you'll automatically save $20 off the original $56.97 price with no shipping costs. Order Now by clicking on the Add to Cart button below!

So What's The Bottom Line?
How Much Does This Cost?

Golf Fitness Made Easy is now only $37 – AND you get instant access (no waiting for the post office).

Don't wait a minute to order at this low price! The regular price of Golf Fitness Made Easy will go up to $56.97 after this introductory promotion is over.

For Less Than What It Costs for One Cart Fee & Lunch,
You Can Get The Insider Secrets To
How The World's Best Golfers Workout.
Ever wonder what Tiger Woods Workouts Are Like?

Look at it this way: The money you invest in Golf Fitness Made Easy is peanuts compared to the amount you've probably spent on gimmicky training aids and the latest, greatest driver that didn't even help. It's even WAY less than just one golf lesson!

The best news of all is... that the cost of Golf Fitness Made Easy is absolutely nothing unless you've seen results from your efforts because...


Your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Watch the videos and apply them to your personal situation, and if you feel it has not improved your game, then I want you to simply write and tell me, and I'll send you a prompt and courteous, no hassles, no questions asked, 100% refund.

On the other hand, if Golf Fitness Made Easy helps you play better than you've ever played before, I want you to promise that you will email me your success story... That's right, tell me about the results you achieved... and tell all your golfing buddies about it too.

If you're even remotely interested in improving your game, then you owe it to yourself to at least try Golf Fitness Made Easy. I don't think you would have read this far if you weren't seriously interested in playing to the best of your ability.

Priority Order Form

"Yes, KevinI am so excited, I have to have your Golf Conditioning Program right now... and I know there's no time to lose. Thanks for the 100% money-back guarantee, too - that takes all the pressure off my decision. I understand that when I order, here is what I will get for my $37:

Your Golf Fitness Made Easy Porgram: Secret Fitness tips and Conditioning techniques to quickly and dramatically transform my body to enhance my game, delivered electronically in an executable program I can run directly from my computer, available from a special link you will send to my email address.

Click on the order button now.

Get Instant Access to the "Golf Fitness Made Easy Program" For Just $37!



Kevin Moses, CSCS, FDN

P. S. One of the biggest mistakes that beginner and intermediate level golfers make is using the wrong fitness training techniques- or none at all. Simply improving your technique with Golf Fitness Made Easy is a proven short-cut to golf success!

P.P.S. You can spend hundreds of dollars each month for one-on-one training... and hope you are learning the right golf training techniques. Or you can join the course created by the personal trainer with over 27 years of golf fitness experience. Don't wait... join the course now!

P.P.P.S. Right now you are sitting at the crossroads. You can ignore this letter and pretend it hasn’t just cost you better golf scores. Six months from now, you will probably be at the same level you are now.

NOTE: Golf Fitness Made Easy is an online member-only program. No physical products will be shipped. After you order, you will get INSTANT ACCESS to the program.

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