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Exercise and the Mechanics of Golf

We spend our hours on the range, purchase the best sets of clubs and put in our time in on the course itself. So, why is our game stuck in a rut? We are omitting a critical part of golf mechanics: golf workout exercises. Your technique is directly related to your overall physical fitness in several areas. Training, strengthening and stretching your muscles is the critical element that is missing from most of our games. A golf swing requires a lot of power. This cannot be achieved without strength, but flexibility is also crucial.

If you are not flexible enough to take a full swing, you are not getting the power you could out of your golf swing. Strong, flexible muscles are able to make more consistent, accurate shots. And strong, flexible muscles do not get injured as easily or as often as weak, tight muscles, tendons and ligaments do. Part of exercising is learning how to work your muscles in unison. This is not necessarily natural for every golfer. It takes practice, and not just on the range or the course.

Golf workout exercises give you the ability to make good, technical shots. When you improve the abilities of your body, the mechanics of the swing becomes easier and more natural to accomplish. A good overall exercise program will help, but a specialized training program for golf is even better. Trainers that specialize in athletics, golf in particular, are familiar with the golf swing and what exercises most improve the mechanics of a player's swing.

It is important to incorporate cardiovascular exercise and stretching exercises with strength training. Many golfers hit the gym and start lifting weights without learning the benefits of fully incorporated golf workout exercises. Stretching before a round may help to prevent injuries during that round, but it is not really doing much to improve your overall flexibility. This needs to be done on a daily basis, and it needs to be done with warm muscles, not cold, inactive ones.

There are many other benefits of a workout program to improve your golf game. It increases your endurance during every round you play. When you tire less easily, you can maintain focus during the entire round, inevitably leading to a lower score. Your swing will be full and fluid, making more solid contact with the ball and producing more accurate shots. Working out improves your overall health at every level: you are at a lower risk of heart disease, heart attack, stroke, diabetes and many other diseases, including some forms of cancer.

Golfers who take working out and fitness seriously directly translate this interest onto the course. The competitive professional golfers all have personal trainers as well as swing coaches and other aids. When golfers workout for strong, flexible bodies, the mechanics of the game becomes far easier. Your muscles work in conjunction with one another, you can take a fuller swing and your shots will be more powerful. And you will also be a far healthier person.

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