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Fitness in Golf

All the major tour players are taking fitness in golf seriously. It is impossible to be competitive in today's game if you are not physically fit. You can buy all the newest clubs, gadgets and have tricks up your sleeve, but if you are not physically fit, you will be unable to match your competitors in strength or speed. The fact is, a golf swing is an athletic act. Even weekend players can add ten to fifteen yards on to their drives with some simple physical fitness.

Fitness in golf begins with a basic workout program. Be sure to warm up and cool down before workouts. With your warm-up and cool-down routine, add some stretching exercises. Flexibility is crucial for having a full swing that is powerful and fluid. A workout does not have to be hours and hours spent at the gym. A few simple exercises each day can drastically improve your golf swing, as well as the way you feel at the end of a round.

This is true for any age golfer. While young people certainly benefit from regular exercise, older golfers can improve their fitness in golf and their overall health with regular exercise. It is beneficial to the heart, lungs, muscles and even your skin and sexual function. If you are truly serious about your game, there are no shortcuts. Working out is your only option.

When beginning an exercise routine, start slowly. If you start out with a workout that is too rigorous for your fitness level, you can injure yourself, delaying your workout routine as well as a few rounds of golf. Know your limitations and check with your doctor to make sure you are ready to begin working out. Your fitness level will improve noticeably over the course of a few weeks. As you feel your body getting stronger, push a little harder.

A good workout routine includes three basic elements: stretching, cardiovascular exercise and strength training. Cardiovascular exercise is any activity that raises your heart rate. You should keep your heart rate elevated for at least fifteen minutes, thirty minutes is better, each day. Good cardiovascular exercises include fast walking, jogging, biking or swimming. Strength training is lifting weights. Resistance machines are also forms of strength training.

Specific to golf fitness, the legs, arms, abdomen and back are particularly important. Your back, sides and abdomen comprise your core. Core strength is crucial for a good golf swing. Exercises that build core strength allow you to keep your back straight and keep your shoulders and arms properly aligned during your swing. Strong glutes also play a part in a golfer's power, so include exercises for your backside in your daily workout.

As you improve your golf fitness, you will realize that you are improving your overall fitness and health. A healthier player is a healthier person. Golfers that are in shape not only perform better on the course, they feel better at the end of the round. This is particularly helpful if you end up in a playoff for the tournament.

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